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radiatoare de aluminiu


General view on the Company

The new PIERREPI PRESSOFUSIONI production facility located in Bucharest belongs to GRUPPO RAGAINI, the world leader in manufacturing and selling aluminium radiators made by injection moulding.

GRUPPO RAGAINI also includes FORM, LOMET, HOX, ADHOC, RAGALL, MECTHERM, and DECORAL - they all are, for more than 30 years, top producers of aluminium radiators made by injection moulding, with a cumulated production currently exceeding 20,000,000 radiators / year.

PIERREPI PRESSOFUSIONI was created to supply especially the Balkan & Russian area, where the market shows an increasing interest and appreciation for the aluminium radiators made by injection moulding, both for their technical qualities and their design. PIERREPI PRESSOFUSIONI is, among the greatest aluminium radiators producers, the first and only manufacturing presence in Eastern Europe.

The plant, which extends on 25,000 sq m area, has been fully restructured and has been fitted with the most up-to-date technologies available.

PIERREPI PRESSOFUSIONI is the only plant that, among others, produces 100 mm width radiators that are tested for a 30 bar endurance, and a 60 bar explosion endurance, and all of its products are certified and guarantied for 10 years for the paint job and manufacturing defects, in order to provide maximum efficiency, trust, and reliability.

A thorough and deep blueprint research is the main characteristic of our radiators, which are planned and manufactured with a maximum focus on technical and style aspects, in order to offer the client an exclusive product aimed for the interior design.

For more information on our products, we kindly invite you to visit the GRUPPO RAGAINI Internet-links, which will allow you to better assess the wide range of products that distinguish us.